08.Sept - Full day session

Statistical & Mathematical packages, Part IV: R programming

1. Data manipulation and visualization with R

    a. Exploring data through visualization: a gentle introduction to ggplot2
    b. Filtering, cleaning, merging, sorting and transforming data (dplyr, tydr and pipes)
    c. Using apply functions
    d. Importing data into R from databases

2.     Introduction to R programming

    a. Creating your own functions
    b. Loops and conditional statements
    c. Profiling and benchmarking R code
    d. Parallel code execution
    e. String manipulation and date manipulation




Assistant Professor | Economics Department
School of Economics and Management
Minho University

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Matloff, Norman (2011) “The Art of R Programming: A Tour of Statistical Software Design”, No Starch Press, 1st Ed., pp. 400. ISBN: 1593273843.