06.Sept | 07.Sept

Applications of the Continuous Wavelet Transform to Economic Data

1. From spectral analysis to wavelet analysis

2. The Continuous Wavelet Transform

    a. Wavelet power spectrum
    b. Wavelet filter as a band-pass filter

3. Wavelet bivariate tools

    a. Wavelet cross-spectrum
    b. Wavelet coherency
    c. Wavelet phase difference

4. Wavelet multivariate tools

    a. Wavelet partial and multiple coherency
    b. Wavelet partial phase-difference

5. The wavelet gain: Regressions in the time-frequency domain

Students must have installed in their computer the latest version of the ASToolbox, a Matlab wavelet toolbox developed by Luís Aguiar-Conraria and Joana Soares, which can be downloaded at:

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Associate Professor | Economics Department
School of Economics and Management
Minho University

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